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February 14, 2012


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"Thank you... Your Majesty." ~Mr. Gold

EDIT 2: For the record, I would like to inform you that :iconyoumefortomorrow: is now a Contributor and will help me handle the submissions. Shower her with love and care, you guys. :heart:

EDIT: After giving it some thought, I've decided that, for the time being, the deviation limit will be set to 3 deviations per week. Please keep this in mind when you submit your work. I will still go through it and make sure all devs are submitted in their respective folders, but it will take more time for your picture to show up if you didn't submit it correctly, as I usually leave that for moments of boredom.
I'll keep these settings for a while and see how it goes. Feel free to still post suggestions!

I am so sorry, but I was so engrossed in reading a certain book all day yesterday I completely forgot to update! I shall fix that at this very moment, but before I do, I have something to tell you.

I never expected this group to grow so popular over such a small amount of time, and I have you to thank, all you beautiful people! I'm very happy to see how big a group we've become. But it comes with consequences. I feel I can no longer handle the constant surge of deviations. Your submissions are fantastic and I do in no way intend to impoverish this gallery, but with so many submissions a day, 1) I can't keep track of everything being in the right folder and accepting it right away and 2) I feel everyone's inbox gets more and more flooded by us with each passing day.

I really never thought I would have to do this, but the situation will probably force me to set a daily/weekly limit on the number of submittable deviations. But first, I'd like to hear you guys' opinion. Maybe it's just me with my message box overflowing. (The worst part is, I haven't even had time to actually go through all these beautiful pictures and fics!) So, I ask you - How much would YOU like to see from the others?
That way, each of you would have to choose which deviations to submit, making our gallery lessen in numbers, but richer in quality as everyone would submit their best work. Either way, the system will have to change in some way. I apologize.

Speaking of which, I would very much appreciate it if everyone who happens to not be sure of what pictures go into which folders to check the bottom of the Rules + Info article. Thank you!

But putting all that aside, Sunday's episode was fabulous on so many levels I cried rainbows and was pleased to see all the Rumpel/Belle material in my inbox from you guys -- not like I doubted you! ;) Those two were the epitome of beautiful and tragic and I loved how they handled the fairytale. (One thing to say about Gaston - BOOM! Loser. :P Haha sorry.) Of course the episode left me craving more of their story, like they always go. (Curse you, writers, and your inevitable cliffhangers. Curse youuu.)

I did, however, pick up some things that intrigued me. First, the Gold/Regina face-off in Sheriff's office. Now they know that the other knows even though we've known since the pilot but they don't know that we know that they know! ...Or something. However, Gold was right about one thing. He is the one in power, because Regina didn't remember who he was. That means the curse turned against her in some way, doesn't it? I think that really, the only one who knows the whole story is Rumpelstilstkin, and that makes him all the more dangerous. (Note the "please" thing. Regina is a BAMF, but every time he said the magic word, she couldn't say a word until she's fulfilled his wishes. And, for those brief moments, it seemed to me she was terrified.)

Second, Emma. Emma, sweetie, Emma. I know you haven't seen Henry for two whole weeks and that you miss him and whatnot, but honey. When Regina, of all people, strolls nonchalantly into your office with the boy and tells you to leave her alone with a dangerous prisoner in custody you've openly stated tried to kill her in a fire and whom you've seen beating the crap out of a guy, the right words to say are HELL NO. For god's sake!! What happened to you? :iconfacepalmplz:

And just for the record, David is a moron. I'm sorry, that really is the only way I can put it. :iconfacepalmplz: Both of you guys.
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Laura-Mellark Feb 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Everyone knows what David does in the next ep, right?

Because honestly, I think that if he really does what the promos all say, I think it will make up for the card fiasco.
The whole thing with David and the two cards I saw it coming. I saw the slap for this weeks episode and I think it in a way is way justified and glad she finally knows that David is an idiot and a looser. I hope she kicks him out and throws his stuff on the street.

I did like how Belle landed in Rumps arms ooooh how sweet. How she's like I can put the currtain back up and he says no I will get used to it. I also liked the tea cup part when she feels bad about the cup and he notices that she means it. I just don't know about Rump but Regina I know is pure evil and there is no hope for her at all. For him maybe.

I wonder how this week is going to go at least Katherine knows finally and shame on Mary and David.
blackdiamond1998 Feb 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Gaston is a loser. I really hope Rumpelstiltskin and Belle get toghether.
I'm going to call it right now - the favor that Rumpel asks of Emma will involve getting back and/or helping Belle. It just seems too obvious, though. It's never been easier to add 2 & 2 together. Perhaps it IS too obvious! XD Now I'm over-thinking it. LOL

Darn you, OUAT!!!!! *shakes fist*
Tehodda Feb 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I think this was the first time I ever said to the Queen, "Oh that's mean!" when she said Belle died. I still don't hate her (sorry!) but I love Rumpelstiltskin too so I guess that's why it affected me.

That being said, I love seeing the jail scene parallel and seeing them go head-to-head in both worlds. They seem to both want to be the most power hungry.

I've read many feedback reviews that say Mr. Gold is now the vulnerable one to Regina, but I don't believe that for a second! :thumbsdown: I still believe that Mr. Gold has a bigger plan in store, bigger than the Regina, and perhaps bigger than Emma and this whole curse thing. His love for Storybrooke "Belle" is just his "weakness", just like Henry is a "weakness" for Regina. Even if Mr. Gold helps Emma, it's more for his own benefit, not because he's on her side and wants everyone a happy ending.
YouMeForTomorrow Feb 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Jness, would you like some help with going through the devations? I'd be more than glad to help. Also- I agree with you about Emma, I think she wasn't thinking straight there either.
JoyousMiloSprinkleXD Feb 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Next week's episode is gonna be good :D Can't wait!
Submissions: Three a week is reasonable if there is one person handling the intakes. Making sure that they are submitted to the right folder cuts down on time for everyone. Make sure that it's submitted to the right folder and there is nothing to worry about. If it's not, then I would say refuse the deviation for the time until it can be submitted correctly. Everyone's time is precious and it makes everything smoother for people all around.

The episode....Well, I'd have to say that there is something still magical about Regina. Starving someone of something they love and then thrusting it back at them tends to make them lose correct thought processes. The thing with Gaston was awesome. Even my husband laughed at it. Mr.Gold, oh how I love thee. Yes, he ended up where he did. I think she knew who he was but she was scared to believe that he could remember. If he did remember, than it means that something didn't work completely with The Curse. It gives a loophole, a precious technicality, that Mr.Gold/Rumplestilskin can work with and I think that scares her. Add onto that the "please" clause and things could get very sticky for her. Right now, she is counting on him believing that Belle is dead, which he does for the time. It is becoming a giant game of chess between the two with the people of Storybrooke caught in the middle.

As for David, it's not that he's a moron. It's that he's caught in the middle of the life The Curse has him in and the gut feeling he's got. The mistake he made is one that any guy dating two women (or men) would make. It was the excited-reach-in-the-pocket-and-grab-the-first-thing-there mistake, hoping it was the right one. While it wasn't the brightest move, I do feel a little sympathy for the guy.
On Submissions: I agree with that it should be one of the artists better works and not something drawn on line paper. Limiting is kinda sad at the moment because right now fans are getting their crazy obsession moments out right now. In honesty I'm still working on my drawings for Belle/Rumpel pairing because I want them to look good. But I think as time passes the work will start to slow down...or I could be wrong. :shrug: Also on the limit will be hard to keep up with because fans will still keep sending a message of their work regardless....and it will be up to you to state when to stop. I think that will put more work on you, then you plan. But it is really up to you. Tell us what you decide. Later!
Jabbym Feb 15, 2012  Student Artist
Last episode was amazing!! I also can't wait for the next one!

As for the submitting problem you have, you might want to add contributers to the group and allow them the take vote on what goes in the gallery. Contributer can help out in many ways.
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