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Get to know the people who help keep Storybrooke running behind the scenes (it's not all down to Regina ;) )



Next month! Are you all ready?

So I guess I don't need to tell you of all the things you already know :XD: I'm sure you have been keeping tabs and know all the cast of the characters by now, but there are things we should still discuss for the month and a half time we have to wait!

The announced premise is that OUAT's Frozen take will be right after the events of the movie. It will include Kristoff and Anna's wedding and the past that Rumplestiltskin and Elsa had, and why he locked her in an urn.

Have any of you read the fan theories? I'll go into the most popular theory circulating right now. It's believed that Georgina Haig's Elsa and the mystery evil character that Elizabeth Mitchell (from Lost and Santa Claus 2 & 3) is playing, are two separate characters. Who? Elsa (Georgina) and the Snow Queen (Elizabeth). As we all should know, the Snow Queen from the original story was cold and cruel, while Disney's inspired, AU so to speak, Elsa, was sympathetic, lonely, and scared of her ice powers. This theory is very well possible. There's also this: the released pictures of Georgina's Elsa on set and from the official episodes show that she wears a different outfit than the one of the first appearance of her- or could it be the Snow Queen? Georgina's outfit is a pale blue, while the Elsa at the end of season 3 had a more cerulean, much more grander outfit. Could our first glimpse at the end of the finale, what we believe is Elsa, actually be the evil Snow Queen?

More questions though!
:bulletgreen: Hans is going to be in the show, what will his role be? A returned villain? A redeemed prince? I secretly hope a love interest of Elsa but that's just my stupid shipping heart >.<
:bulletgreen: Grandpabbie is also in it, what will HIS role be?
:bulletgreen: Will there be more frozen hearts to thaw with acts of true love?
:bulletgreen: Just where is Olaf in this?!
:bulletgreen: What could Elsa have done so terrible and so frightening that caused Rumple to lock her in a urn?

You guys figure it out!

And if it's alright, I'd like to throw in my two cents. It's my own theory that Georgina's Elsa and Elizabeth's character (that I presume IS the evil Snow Queen) are the same person, just much older. I believe that Elsa's own heart became pierced (from the shard of the mirror that shows evil and ugliness), and caused her to slowly become bad and separate from Anna. She becomes the Snow Queen, becomes VERY dangerous, a threat to Arendelle and the Enchanted Forest, at which Rumple hears about her, wants to keep her for his collection, and thus traps her in the urn. And it was the deadly Snow Queen that is now loose in Storybrooke to get revenge on Rumple for trapping her, and bringing about an eternal winter yet again. I may be right or wrong on that, I'm not sure, but that's what I think~

Well, what do you guys think will happen? Please share your own theories! :D

Also, it's confirmed that Emma and Hook's currently happy relationship will be brief, and Rumbelle will also be put to the test. As well as possible new characters.... Merida and Tiana!

I'm REALLY excited for season 4 and cant wait to see what's in store for us!!
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A group dedicated to the hit ABC fantasy series "Once Upon a Time". About to enter it's 4th season!

Frozen in time and stuck in Storybrooke, Maine... That's what you're going with? ;)
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