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Get to know the people who help keep Storybrooke running behind the scenes (it's not all down to Regina ;) )



So this past Sunday saw the Frozen arc come to an end and the set-up for the Queens of Darkness begin.

In hindsight what were your thoughts of the first half of the season?

For me, I thought it was tastefully done, I believed the live-action portrayals of the characters and the story was interesting and exciting once it got started. I loved the Snow Queen's character and I thought Elizabeth Mitchell done a brilliant job with her. it was so sad when she sacrificed herself! Now i'm not a fan of Frozen, I feel there's just too much hype surrounding the film against the actual quality of the film so I was worried back in the spring when it was revealed that Frozen was coming to Storybrooke, but I have to say it, I didn't mind the characters and flashbacks! And i was pleased they brought in elements of the actual Snow Queen fairytale Frozen was supposedly based on.

Also, what did you think of Outlaw Queen's storyline in the finale?

I thought it was heartbreaking that Regina still didn't get her happy ending, but to be honest, if she got her happy ending what could they do with her storylines? I feel she should finally get her happy ending when the whole series comes to a close.

Rumpbelle's shock twist?

I loved it, and finally Belle got to actually do something other than say a few lines and float about the background!I still don't know how Gold will get back to Storybrooke considering Belle has told him to never return, unless Maleficent (being the only Queen actually in Storybrooke at this time) steals the dagger and summons Gold back. Any thoughts on how this could potentially play out in the latter half of the season?

And also with the news of Eion Bailey (adult Pinocchio) returning to Once - what role do you think he will play? do you think he's the author, do you think he knows the author - how do you think he will return, considering the last time we saw "him" he was his 7 year old pre-curse self? Could he just be relegated to flashbacks or will there be some sort of spell the fairies (if they get out of the hat) put on him to bring him back to his adult self?

Im not too sure, he's back in a recurring role, rather than a guest role so I'm not sure it'll be flashbacks.

To distinguish the two a recurring role is someone who appears in multiple episodes, some other recurring characters have been: Elsa, Anna, The Snow Queen, Zelena and Cora - this shows how important recurring characters are to the storylines

A guest role is someone who generally appears in one or two episodes in a smaller role (usually in the flashback storylines), some guest characters are: Bo Peep, Blackbeard, Helga, Gerda, Young Cora

So he will most likely play a central role to the story and I don't see him being featured in every flashback so I guess that means he could come back to present day as an adult?

Let us know your thoughts!!!! :D
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Frozen in time and stuck in Storybrooke, Maine... That's what you're going with? ;)
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Fact: Jimney Cricket (sp?) Or Archie HAS Pongo from 101Dalmaitons since season 1. I knew there will be a cruella de vil sooner or later since they cant leave Pongo on a loose leash without a story each creature and being has a story in Storybrooke and leaving 101 Dalmations out of it would be a crime lol XD. But its true since is name is Pongo there must be a connection between him and the story of 101Dalmations

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