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Get to know the people who help keep Storybrooke running behind the scenes (it's not all down to Regina ;) )



Almost a week late, but Once Upon A Time came back from the winter break last Sunday, what where your thoughts on the episode? what do you think about the introduction to the three new "Big Bads" of season 4b? How do you think it will all play out?

In other news, Once was filming back in "Storybrooke" on Tuesday and I was lucky enough to be able to go down on to the set to watch. I took a few pictures which I can share below, the last pic is a bit spoilery if you've not been reading any of the news surrounding the latter half of the season. They were all taken at the start of the day when the actors where blocking their scenes.

I'll outline what I saw and what I heard from the days filming - there could be spoilers so if you wish to remain in the dark completely, just go down to the photos!

Spoilers may be found below

For everyone else this is what happened. I arrived in Steveston after nine. The block with Granny's diner was closed off from traffic, and when I got there I was talking to a fellow Irishman who works on the show. He told me that they were just wrapping up filming at the docks. About 10 minutes later Hook and Emma arrived on the Granny's set (rumour has it the docks scene involved just Hook and Emma) They quickly walked inside the "Any Given Sundae" shop (it must be like a "green room" for the actors when they're not filming) as we were moved back a bit from filming Regina arrived and waved as she entered "Sundae" as well.

Other people on set for the scene at Granny's was Maleficent, Henry, Snow, Charming, Zelena, Robin and Agnes Bruckner (character not released - but I have my suspicions).

We were told they were filming episode 20 (titled "Lily" - which makes me think Agnes could be a grown up Lily). After about 10-20 minutes the actors came back out to Granny's and went through blocking (where they rehearse lines and positions throughout the scene) Emma's Bug was there as well as (I assume) a rental car as the number plates read "New York" (Could be something to do with getting Robin back from New York)

After blocking, the actors went off set while the crew set up camera's and lighting. Once that was done the actors came back on set - Emma's Bug and the "rental car" where driven down the street, about two blocks away. Emma was in the bug with Agnes and Zelena, and Regina was driving the "rental car" with Robin (Roland's stand in was about later in the day too). They drove down the street and parked outside Granny's and where met by the Charmings, Hook and Henry. Emma got out and hugged them whilst Maleficent looked on from the shop front of "Sundae". Emma brought Agnes out of the front seat of the Bug and walked with her up to Maleficent - we couldn't hear dialogue, so this is why I'm not sure if Agnes is Lily - what could her connection be with Maleficent? Then as this was happening Regina and Robin exited the "rental car" and Regina and Charming dragged Zelena out of the Bug (from other pictures of a previous set shoot - Zelena was wearing the same coat, boots and clothes as Marian was seen in - not sure what the significance is) then Regina and Zelena walked off whilst Maleficent and Agnes walked into the outside area of Granny's and Hook and Emma strolled off towards the library (but stopped at the gas station as they were already out of shot)

This was reshot over the course of the day. I had to leave after about 4pm and they were still shooting that scene. I heard later that Belle was then on set at Mr. Golds pawn shop - alone. apparently she was trying to get into Gold's (with a key) but it wouldn't work.

That was basically it. It was great to see them actually shoot the scenes - every shop front was in full Storybrooke mode, even the Rabbit Hole - which wasn't in any scenes.

So there you have it!

Spoiler free photos

The Bug

Emma and Hook

The back of Regina getting out of the car

The Charmings, Hook and Emma

Wideshot of the set

Somewhat of a spoilery photo!

L-R - Snow, Hook, Emma, Henry, Regina (blocked by a crew member), Robin, Zelena, Charming
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